Monday, June 26, 2006

People who burn American flags are morons:

Currently there’s debate in Washington on whether or not there should be a constitutional amendment to ban flag burning. Those who are against the amendment and the people who actually go through the despicable act of actually burning the American flag claim to do it in the name of free speech. The problem with that argument is that by burning the American flag they’re destroying the one symbol in this country that truly represents what they’re trying to prove.

The American flag with its beautiful stars and stripes, red, white and blue colors scream freedom. This is why it’s moronic when somebody in this country burns the flag and then claims freedom of speech. If they truly were interested in freedom of speech they would wrap the flag around them not burn it. They would wave the flag and denounce the government, using the flag as their symbol of being able to do so.

By burning the flag, these people are saying they’re against freedom not for it. Flag burners need to wake up and stop confusing our country’s one true symbol of freedom and free speech with their displeasure of how our government is being run at that time.

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