Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Petitioning Help Needed!


Fellow YRs,
As petitioning comes to a close, there are a number of candidates who need our help. As you may know, according to law, candidates running for State Senate, State Assembly, and other elected offices must gather a certain number of signatures from registered Republicans in order to get their names on the ballot in the fall elections.

We have a great stable of Republicans running for office this year, and I don't need to tell you just how important it is for us to be successful in the November elections. A lot is riding on this one, and we all must play a role if we want the Republican Party to succeed.

So drop a line with Kendal Elliott, our Campaign Chair, at, and let her know when you will be available to help out. If each of us contributes just a few hours to the cause, we will ensure our candidates' placement on the ballot this fall.

But don't delay! There are only a few days left and timing is critical.

See you on the campaign trail.

Rick Brownell

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