Friday, July 21, 2006

Now that's just cruel:

Ok so today I leave my office and get on the 7 train home. While on the train, God decides to hit the city with a storm I haven't seen since Hurricane Gloria. I get off the train at Main St. to make a dash for the bus. The umbrella is pointless so I don't bother opening it, deciding it's easier to dodge the lightening bolts that appear to be coming down in every direction without it. As I get near the corner I can see the bus sitting there doors open. I go to cross the street and see the bus driver close the doors and pull slightly away from the stop. But wait the light is now red and he is forced to sit there. I cross the street get to the doors of the bus anticipating him to open up. Instead he ignores me and two other people as we stand there in a monsoon watching him wait for the light to turn green. 30 seconds later the light turns and he pulls away leaving us to drown.

Well just another pleasant experience on the MTA and these guys want to know why nobody has any sympathy for them when it comes contract time.

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