Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Up, Up, and Away

The Shuttle Discovery goes back into space today...and North Korea sends up six rickety rockets to flex their gelatinous muscles. Kim Jung Il is determined to join the small, but potent, club of countries with intercontinental ballistic missiles. First, he has to build them to last longer than a few minutes in flight. But make no mistake, this nutcase is determined to cause problems. We should be just as determined to stop him.

If there is anyone who doesn't think we should be spending money on space exploration, they should think long and hard about the recent developments in North Korea. I don't care how many scientists and liberals have poo-pooed the Strategic Defense Initiative as unworkable. It can be done, and it is much closer to reality than a lot of people think. And with Kim looking to cause as much damage as possible before he's driven from power, we should be putting this program into overdrive.

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