Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Forget terrorism, we can’t trust Democrats for another reason.

Watching Democrats demolish Joe Lieberman and Al Gore becoming the new Howard Dean I’ve become even more convinced that voting Democrat is not a good idea.

Only six years ago these two guys were the darlings of the Democrat Party. Democrats were telling America these two guys are top notch and could be trusted to lead this country. Now six years later, which still would have covered their full term if reelected, Democrats are telling America they were wrong.

Between the abandonment of Lieberman and Al Gore going borderline weird, makes me wonder what Democrats were thinking in 2000 when these two guys had their full support.

If Democrats are telling us they made a bad call then what makes America think they won’t make a bad call in the future? Then again the fact that they made Howard Dean the head of the DNC makes me think they continue to have a lapse in judgment.

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