Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hey M.A.C.--Check out my lips!!

My daily scroll through both The Corner and Drudge brought me to a link to the M.A.C. (Make-up Art Cosmetics) website. M.A.C. has always been known to be cutting edge, fashion forward, and a mouthpiece for liberal social causes. I admit, I've bought M.A.C. products. Having worked in the prestige cosmetics industry and with makeup artists, I can't deny it's a great product. And, let's face it--survival in NYC would be very difficult if I let my personal political beliefs guide my shopping habits(except when it comes to anything French, of course. Not a penny out of Gail Allen's hard-earned pay will go towards the cheese-eating surrender monkeys.) and I have yet to see a W Ketchup equivalent emerge in the fashion industry.

I avoid certain designers and brands when they are blatant about their politics, like Marc Jacobs. But M.A.C. has now taken the cake. They have an ad up on their site (to which I am not going to link b/c I don't want to give them the satisfaction of getting more hits) with a commerical featuring Sandra Bernhard spewing verbal diarrhea about lips, including this: "Here's some little freaked-out, intimidated, frightened-little-right-wing, Republican, thin-lipped b!tch..."

Have a look here and here Sandra. See any freaked-out, intimidated thin lips? Nope. But you do see a bunch of smart, attractive, successful, confident, and intimidating ladies. And we are ladies, because we have class. Unlike you, and unlike M.A.C. And that intimidates you, doesn't it? And that's why you have to shoot your mouth off and make a fool of yourself.

Ladies, there are plenty of hot cosmetics out there that don't need to stand for "issues" to get our money. For crying out loud, it's fashion, not international relations. The Estee Lauder Companies, parent of M.A.C., should be ashamed. (while you're at it, boycott them, too. They make a crap product.)

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