Thursday, August 10, 2006

When will the media stop trying to convince us that Democrats will retake Washington?

Since the 2000 election the majority of the U.S. mainstream media has been trying to unsuccessfully convince the American public that Democrats were going to be in charge in Washington.

During the 2000 election the media tried to convince us that Al Gore was going to win and then after the election attempted to convince us that Al Gore did win. For the record recounts in Florida by every major newspaper after the Supreme Court decision showed that George Bush was the actual victor.

During the 2002 midterm elections the media once again pushed a new story that the midterm elections were a referendum on the 2000 Presidential election. The media wanted us to believe that Democrats would regain control based on anger that George Bush stole the election. The result was another defeat for the liberal media as Republicans only increased their majority.

Then in 2004 the media attempted to pull out all the stops by playing the Iraq card and how it was a huge mistake ruining our reputation with the world and that only a Democrat could save face. Their polls had Kerry all the way and even stooped as low as to claim that exit polling the day of the election had George Bush and Republicans going down in defeat. That was until the numbers actually came out and the referendum was on Democrats and their mainstream media allies who saw President Bush win with the largest number of votes ever and Republicans still in control of the House and Senate.

Despite all these failures and the fact that the American public is onto them, the media is at it again calling for a changing of the guard. Their still trumpeting the Iraq card and how this time they really, really, really are positive Republicans will go down.

The truth is this attempt by the media to make American’s think they’re alone in supporting Republicans, attempting to shame you into voting Democrat because that is what everyone else is doing is not going to work. After years of being wrong, the majority of the American public knows where the New York Times and CNN are coming from and the not so secrete agenda they throw at us every two years. The makeup of this country has over 50% of the voting public (which doesn’t include Connecticut) believing in the basic principles and ideas of the Republican Party. We’ve seen this trend grow while President Clinton (who was more of a conservative then liberal in my book) was in office and continue up to today where despite Iraq and it’s problems things have not changed. So the New York Times and the Democrat Party can keep their Howard Dean and Ned Lamont because come November we’ll be keeping Washington the way the majority of American’s want it. Oh and Joe Lieberman will be there with us as an independent.

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