Monday, August 07, 2006

How does the Daily Kos think Bill Clinton is a "great Democrat”?

Ok so this morning I’m on that “progressive” (you say progressive I say socialist) website the famous DailyKos and they have a thread that claims Bill Clinton was a great Democrat.

I don’t understand how a self proclaimed liberal website that has placed all it’s efforts into making sure moderate Democrat Joe Lieberman is not reelected can claim Bill Clinton was great.

The Bill Clinton that lay siege to a building in Wacko Texas and steamrolled it with a tank killing everyone inside.

The Bill Clinton that signed the Sanctity of Marriage Act defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

The Bill Clinton that signed NAFTA.

The Bill Clinton that signed welfare reform.

The Bill Clinton who sent U.S. troops to more places than George Bush.

The Bill Clinton that bombed a Chinese Embassy (and Donald Rumsfeld is a screw-up)

The Bill Clinton that snatched little Elian Gonzales at gunpoint to send him pack to repressive Cuba.

The Bill Clinton that bombed Iraq on a daily basis. (Sure he didn’t send in troops but what’s the difference if you’re bombing them to hell everyday anyway)

The Daily Kos needs to be honest. You can’t attack Joe Lieberman on one thread and then say Bill Clinton is great on the next. They’re both moderates!

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