Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Faso-Spitzer debate - No love lost there

John Faso and Eliot Spitzer finally squared off Tuesday night in the first (hopefully not the last) debate of the NYS Governor's race. They traded some pretty good barbs, and Eliot performed much as expected: snide comments and asides, and lots of pie-in-the-sky ideas with no realistic plan to implement them. Well, maybe that's not completely fair. He can enact his agenda, provided he taxes us into the ground. He says he won't, but if you believe that, then I can't do nothin' for ya.

There will be a lot of commentary about the big duke-a-roo come Wednesday's news cycle. For my money, I think that Spitzer will get the majority of the positive coverage, which he does not truly deserve. True enough, Faso had a couple of painful missteps early on, but he recovered well, and did a good job of poking holes in Spitzer's rhetoric.

And if you haven't checked out the Web site Faso referred to, do yourself a favor and visit Find out just how deep a "Governor" Spitzer will dip into your pocket to pay for his social engineering scheme.

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