Wednesday, September 20, 2006

But what if New Yorker’s didn't vote in a Republican Mayor?

This is old news but the TV in my elevator mentioned it today and it made me think.

For 2005, New York City was once again rated the safest big city.

I wonder, if New Yorkers had not voted in Rudy Giuliani (Republican) in 1993 and instead stuck with Democrats like David Dinkins, would New York have been rated the safest big city?

Considering since almost to the day Giuliani (Republican) took office crime started to decline, 36% in just Giuliani’s first two years, you have to give credit to the man and his no excuse stance on crime.

One big reason Republicans across the country made huge gains was in part due to the high level of crime across the country and Democrats unwillingness to do anything about it.

Since then crime has gotten so low that Americans have become spoiled and forget where they came from. This issue will be interesting to bring up when Bloomberg’s term is up and Democrats look to elect a Freddie Ferrer type.

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