Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Helping out Robert Heim

Last night, a small contingent from the NYYRC showed up to help Robert Heim in his bid to wrest the 73rd Assembly District seat from the clutches of tax & spend liberal Jonathan Bing.

Robert brings a wealth of experience to his bid for the New York State Assembly. He served as a top prosecutor for the Securities and Exchange Commission. He also has worked in private practice, establishing Myers & Heim LLP to work with brokers, investors, and bankers on securities issues.

Robert's campaign is dedicated to passing real crime control legislation that the Democrat-led Assembly has failed to do. He also has great ideas about giving health care management a much needed shot in the arm: a public-private sector partnership between "Manhattan’s premiere health care institutions and Wall Street’s investment banks so that new entrepreneurial biotechnology companies can stay in New York City to create jobs and new medical treatments."

Visit Robert's campaign Web site, RobertForNewYork.com for more details.

Like many fine candidates running for office this November, Robert Heim is someone who has the skills and the experience to represent us in Albany. But he needs our help to make it happen.

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