Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Still Waiting:

It’s now been 3 weeks since I left the question to everyone who visits this blog, to give me one reason why Eliot Spitzer would make a good governor.

As of today I still have had not one response. Now I know this site is read by allot of people especially Democrats (it takes a good chunk of my morning deleting all the insulting profanity) yet even they have not wanted to seize the opportunity. Being as objective as possible I can come up with several reasons why Hillary, as much as I dislike her, is ok as Senator but can’t think of one for Eliot Spitzer. As I said prior I think Democrats lost their one good candidate in Suozzi who at least had a plan.

Spitzer has so far promised $70 billion in new spending. How is he going to pay for that? I’m still waiting for the New York Times to ask that question.

He has said he wants to reform Albany. How can you reform Albany when every special interest group is in your pocket? That’s like Randi Weingarten saying she’s going to reform the teachers union.

What about Spitzer’s refusal to debate John Faso more then the two times scheduled and even with those two debates Spitzer has refused to do it in NYC and on network television. Isn’t the New York Times, which prides itself on being a reputable newspaper at least a tiny concerned about a candidate who doesn’t want to debate as many times as possible in front of the people he plans to lead?

What do Democrats think about Eliot Spitzer who in his 1998 campaign for AG told the press that New Yorkers deserve no less then 9 debates across the state? What happened? Doesn’t he think they deserve it anymore or is he just afraid of the fact that he has no plan for this state other then to let special interests ride roughshod over the state?

If people and the New York media want to support Spitzer that’s ok but don’t embarrass yourself by not being able to give a valid reason other then he has Dem in front of his name and was able to exploit his position to get convenient footage for his campaign ads while Medicare fraud in New York continued to suck away taxpayer dollars.

I’m done. Now I’ll wait and see if the responses are insults or good solid explanations of why Spitzer would be a good Gov.

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