Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Is John Spencer New York’s tallest midget?

There is no doubt in my mind that John Spencer would make a good Senator for the state of New York. New York already has a Democrat Senator and having a Republican would just make more sense for the State considering Republicans will continue to control Washington. If New Yorkers were really concerned about the State they would want to have at least one Senator from the party that has the power.

The unfortunate reality is that New Yorkers are either not that smart or to emotional about their politics to be able to make a strategic decision. I’m not going to be as blind as a Democrat voting Eliot Spitzer over Tom Suozzi and think Spencer has a chance to win in November. Nothing is impossible but unless Hillary calls someone a “putz” it’s safe to say she’s going to win.

Spencer should be congratulated for his victory over KT but his celebration should be kept to a minimum unless you’re someone who would brag about being the tallest midget.

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