Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Maybe New Yorkers and America deserve an unpleasant reminder:

There’s an old saying, “be careful what you wish for”. With every poll claiming New Yorkers want a Democrat to be governor of New York and Americans want Democrats to take control of the House and Senate, I’ve been thinking maybe having it occur will be a huge wakeup call why these people voted in Republicans in the first place.

For the last twelve years George Pataki, a Republican, has been the Governor of New York. As someone who grew up in this city and not moved here post Pataki’s first election like most people now living here, I remember what it was like with a Democrat as Governor. I also remember what it was like with a Democrat as Mayor. To make a long story short, it was bad. Crime was atrocious, filth was everywhere and places that are today hot like Woodside and Long Island City, you knew not to go to. All that started to change when Pataki took office. One of the biggest reasons Pataki won was because New Yorkers were fed up with the crime. Democrats were and still are notorious for being soft on crime and Mario Cuomo was no different. One of Pataki’s biggest gains during the campaign was at the expense of Cuomo and Democrats liberal nature toward convicted criminals, when in 1987 a convicted murderer, Arthur Shawcross, was paroled after only serving 15 years who then went on to become a serial killer.

The biggest benefit a Republican Governor gave New York was as a devils advocate figure who sat on the opposite side of the table come budget time keeping everyone honest. A Spitzer victory will change all this, as he will now be on the same side of the table giving the State away to all the unions that supported him raising taxes to pay for it.

On a national level the same can be said. It’s also been twelve years since Republicans took control, which is long enough for American’s to forget why they kicked the Democrats out.

If Spitzer wins as Governor and Democrats retake Washington this is what we can expect:

1) Tax increases
2) Protectionist policies, erasing the 12 years of open trade that has lead to billions of dollars in (FDI) foreign direct investment to America and amazing growth.
3) A recession as a result of these modern day Smoot Hawley policies.
4) The cancellation of the Patriot Act and an inevitable attack on the U.S.
5) A major hike in minimum wage, leading to a pickup in inflation and a loss of jobs.
6) Poor healthcare thanks to Democrat’s new nationalized healthcare, which will mean months of wait time to see a specialist (i.e. Canada and U.K.)
7) A forced pullout of Iraq and a new cushy home for Terrorists to regroup and build (i.e. Mogadishu)

All I have to say is the future looks bright with Democrats in power. The current 4.7% unemployment, record investment into the U.S., record number of homeownership, lowest crime nationwide in decades and (cross my fingers) not a terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11 under Republicans is completely overrated.

I think November will be a win, win for Republicans. If we win and hold on, great. If we lose Democrats will come in power, do all of the above, and send Americans running back to Republicans.

Sometimes people need a little spanking to understand what they did wrong.

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