Thursday, September 07, 2006

Spitzer dropping some charges against Greenberg:

It’s been reported that Eliot Spitzer has dropped some charges against Hank Greenberg. If you recall Eliot Spitzer has been using this case as a major marketing tool for his campaign.

The fact that Spitzer is dropping some charges should cause all New Yorkers to pause and think.

Were these charges purely an exploitation to make Spitzer a household name in NY?

Were they a lack of judgment by Spitzer, which would mean he accused someone without sufficient evidence?

This is just another black eye for Spitzer and his position as AG. So despite his claim to fame of being the crusader of Wall St., he’s had only one case go to court, which he lost. His only victories came via the help of the media who lent him their microphones to scare companies into settling.

Someone please tell me why New Yorkers should vote him in other then the fact that he is a Democrat because that’s not an answer?

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