Friday, October 27, 2006

He just can’t wait to be king:

Eliot Spitzer has finally pulled his endorsement of Alan Hevesi. However he still wants New Yorkers to vote for him. What Eliot is saying is don’t vote for Hevesi on election day but vote Democrat this way after the election me and my Democrat buddies can pick a Comptroller for you.

Do New Yorkers really want to trust Spitzer in picking a new Comptroller? Would the Republican candidate Chris Callaghan be that bad for the state? Considering the corruption that has run rampant under Spitzer in the Democrat Party with the recent crimes of Hevesi and don’t forget Brian McLaughlin, why should New Yorkers trust that Spitzer will chose someone that not only will not steal from the taxpayers but will do their job.

Considering that the job of the Comptroller is to review State contracts, having a Democrat in charge only increases the chances of fiscal irresponsibility since any problems he finds would mean having to call out a fellow Democrat. A Republican Comptroller would be a great devils advocate for the people keeping the Democrat run State honest.

Spitzer doesn’t want a devils advocate but instead someone who will play ball and allow Democrats to continue to do whatever they want. Allowing him to cherry pick his own person spits in the face of what the term “no taxation without representation” stands for and what thousands died for in the early days of our nation.

All hail King Spitzer!

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