Thursday, November 02, 2006

The biggest moderate I know:

My mother-in-law and I are close. She understands and is more informed then most people I know when it comes to history and politics. We regularly have conversations and debates about politics and what I have come to learn over the years is that she is the most moderate person I know. Her voting habits don’t reflect an allegiance to a party but to the individual she thinks will do the best job.

Last night we had our “who are you voting for on Tuesday” conversation. Here is how the biggest moderate you will ever meet is voting.

Senator: Hillary Clinton. It’s hard to argue with her here. My argument against Hillary was that she’s not a New Yorker and I hate that the media treats her like we should be privileged that she’s chose us. In addition I don’t like being a stepstool for her. Mom being the moderate doesn’t care about that stuff, thinks Hillary has done well and doesn’t trust Spencer.

Comptroller: Chris Callaghan. Hevesi is a crook enough said.

Attorney General: Jeannine Pirro: Always liked Pirro and thinks she would do a great job as AG. Thinks Cuomo is overrated and is running on his name not qualifications.

Governor: Not voting as a protest: Doesn’t like Spitzer and thinks he’s going to raise taxes and throw money at everyone he gets the chance. Doesn’t like Faso mainly because he has made no effort to court the States voters and if you weren’t paying attention you wouldn’t even know he was the candidate. She feels he has no message other then he won’t raise taxes. I gave her the devils advocate pitch but she can’t vote for someone she doesn’t feel she knows.

I just thought it was interesting and if the moderates like her turn to Pirro and Callaghan, I think Republicans can win those seats.

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