Monday, October 30, 2006

New York Post turns Trojan horse:

The New York Post for years has been the place regular Republicans could go to get the only dose of conservatism possible in this city. People like my dad, a blue-collar worker his whole life, is not Wall St. Journal material and thus has relied on the Post to show up on his doorstep everyday to give him the only Republican opinions available.

The Post though after spending countless issues on convincing people like my dad that they’re not like the Daily News and Newsday with their liberal propaganda, have done the unthinkable. The New York Post has endorsed Eliot Spitzer and Hillary Clinton. While Republicans were sleeping and their gates were locked, the New York Post snuck into their homes and invaded them with ideas that make people like my dad sick to his stomach.

To make matters worse the Post’s reasons for endorsement is based on the idea that with Hillary “there really isn’t much of a choice” and with Faso that “he can’t” win. Whether true or not their still is such a thing as pride. The Post didn’t have to endorse Spencer but they also didn’t need to endorse Hillary. The Post could have abstained and said neither is worth having making an even bigger statement.

By endorsing Faso, which they would have if he could win, the Post would have made a statement that having the whole state run by Democrats, with no devils advocate, would be no better then having Republicans run all of Washington.

The Post instead chose to unleash their troops and burn the city of New York blue-collar Republicans down. Now that they have played their cards they can turn into the Daily News and Newsday that they always wished they could be.

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