Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Diseased tree or rotten apples?

One thing I have noticed through this election is the difference in opinion when it comes to corruption in both parties.

With Republicans the few rotten Republicans have created the view that the whole tree is diseased and need to be chopped down to its stump so there is nothing left.

When it comes to corrupt Democrats like Hevesi and McLaughlin, the problem is not the Democrat Party in New York but that these two are just a couple of rotten apples.

Even better, unlike the Republicans who everyone wants to see run out of office, with these two rotten apples the Democrat Party doesn’t want you to throw them away. Instead people like Spitzer want you to just ignore and cut away the bad parts and save the rest by voting them in. This way Spitzer and his buddies can take what’s left and make apple pie.

As an open-minded observer, you have to love the double standard.

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