Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Proud To See No Sore Losers Here

I would just like to commend our contributors and many other GOP and conservative bloggers for staying positive and looking for solutions to respond to the results of this mid-term election. Rather than wallowing in the losses or looking to blame anyone, most are looking inward and regrouping. As long as we take a lesson away from this election and look for ways to bring voters back into the fold we will come out on top. Yesterday's vote was not about each individual candidate and the fact that the majority of seats were turned over to conservative Democrats (some even former Republicans) means that on most issues GOP's ultimate message has not been rejected by the voters. Of course on the issue of Iraq we need to reevaluate the plan and the progress and the first steps toward that are being taken as I write this. Whether Rumsfeld is the most appropriate target of GOP "house cleaning" remains to be seen, but hopefully this is a step in the right direction and proof to the voters that the Administration heard them loud and clear last night.

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