Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Will Democrats turnout to vote?

This morning I went to vote at my normal time of 8:15. Usually when I go and vote my number is in the high 20’s almost 30. Today I was 17!

Also my station has three districts that vote and out of the whole auditorium I was the only one voting. I was there for 15 minutes speaking to someone I know who monitors the poll and not one person walked in to vote for any of the three districts.

Considering my district is heavily Democrat (we haven’t had a Republican run for Congress against the Democrat incumbent in about 10 years) to have only about half the people vote then normal at that time, tells me Democrats are not that geared to go vote because of the huge leads Spitzer and Hillary have.

Though it doesn’t mean they will loose it does mean Callaghan and Piro have a great shot at winning.

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