Monday, November 13, 2006

So it begins: Part II

Last week Democrats went to work informing Americans that they were going to do their best to take away the one thing that insures new drug creation. Profits. This week Democrats are promising to pull a Munich, Yalta, Mogadishu or any other example of appeasement gone bad you would like to use as an example.

Over the weekend Carl Levine, the incoming Democrat chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, promised to introduce a plan to withdraw troops from Iraq in four to six months. Now I’ll concede that Iraq has not worked out as planned but for Democrats to think withdrawal is possible without a long-term consequence is preposterous. Democrats have compared Iraq to Vietnam but the difference is we pulled out of Vietnam knowing they weren’t going to come after us. Pulling out of Iraq will take the pressure off the Islamic extremists that populate the country allowing them to regroup and plan an attack closer to home if not at home.

If Americans want a preview of a what Iraq would look like if we cut and ran they should pick up a paper and read about Mogadishu. When Bill Clinton put his tail between his legs and ran because of a minor setback, Bin Ladin and the Islamic extremists that led that attack became emboldened using the withdrawal as a means to show potential recruits America was weak. The 9/11 Report, for those that still haven’t read it, spends a whole section on Mogadishu and how it was the location where the attacks on our embassies were planned. Today Mogadishu has gotten worse and extremists are in complete control of the city and are currently at war with the Somali government to get full control of the country.

Democrats should be proud of their election victory but they shouldn’t ignore the reality of the situation. For anyone to think that leaving Iraq will improve our situation in the war on terror has a lot to learn about the enemy.

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