Thursday, November 09, 2006

What happens to Hevesi now?

Remember when Eliot Spitzer proudly professed his trust in Alan Hevesi during a debate with John Faso? Then he pulled his support when public confidence in the crooked comptroller started to fade. That was about the same time that Andrew Cuomo said that, as Attorney General, he would pursue an investigation of Hevesi if elected.

Governor Pataki publicly stated that he wants to look into this monkey business of Hevesi misappropriating government funds. But, realistically, Pataki is as lame as a duck can get. Does he or any other Republican really have any power to see through an investigation before January? All the Democrats have to do is stall the process until Governor-Elect Spitzer and AG-Elect Cuomo take office in a few weeks.

I'm willing to bet right now that nothing but a slap on the wrist awaits Alan Hevesi for his crimes. The Dems are likely to see his landslide reelection (travesty though it may be) as a vote of confidence in the comptroller, and sweep this whole scandal under the rug. It's already off the front page of the papers. Shoot, it's not even on the twentieth page of the papers.

Call me a cynic if you like. But unless we demonstrate a real interest in Hevesi's removal, I don't think it will happen.

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