Thursday, December 14, 2006

“Lock your doors”

The Investors Business Daily has a great editorial this morning about how Democrats are already reneging on their election pledge that they would be strong on national security.

According to the article Democrats “seems not just unconcerned about domestic security, but intent on dismantling it”.

They use examples such as Sen. Carl Levin’s pledge to dismantle the missile defense program. IBD scratches its head wondering how can Democrats tear down the program when you have North Korea testing nukes and Iran looking to get them.

They then point to how Democrats pledged right after the election to pull troops out of Iraq within months.

Finally the IBD points to the countless hearing Democrats are calling for, which will do nothing but make our security services “to sit before Congress and defend themselves when they could be out chasing down the enemy”. They finish by saying how the hearings wont make us safer but instead “make our national security officials hyper-cautious, worried about being punished for doing their jobs”.

It’s no secret that despite terrorist attacks all over the world since 9/11, America under President Bush’s national security policy has not had one attack on our soil. For all the crying of American rights being violated by the Left as if America is now like the Soviet Union under Lenin and Stalin, I still don’t know anyone who has been dragged away in the middle of the night. All my friends, family and colleagues are still accounted for.

I think the IBD has it right when they say it’s time to “lock your doors”.

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