Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Poland’s participation in Iraq:

For everyone still frantic over the idea that a nation’s leader would go to war for strategic reasons, lets take a look at Poland who aided us in the liberation of Iraq.

Yesterday Poland and a large portion of Europe had their flow of oil stopped after Russia decided to shut it off. Russia claims the pipeline it flows through was being siphoned by Belarus, so they shut it down at the expense of Europe who relies on it to survive. The country worst affected was Poland who gets 96% of its oil from the pipeline.

Looking back at the liberation of Iraq, the reason for Poland’s participation becomes a little more obvious. With Iraq holding the second largest reserves in the world, a free and Democratic Iraq could mean a new source of oil for Poland. Considering Poland is at the mercy of Russia, it was worth the risk to get involved. Though it hasn’t paid dividends yet, yesterday’s pipeline closure helps explain why they would join the coalition of the willing.

The sooner American’s remember that the world always been and still is one big chess match, the sooner our politicians can come together and get things done for the best interest of our nation.

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