Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Enticing illegals to stay and prosper (illegally)

Bank of America is expanding its market into the burgeoning illegal immigrant community by offering credit cards to people who do not have Social Security numbers or previously established lines of credit.

This is merely the latest move by businesses to capitalize on the hordes of illegal immigrants coming into the United States. Now, it is the nature of capitalism to find new markets and explore new areas of revenue, but it this is trouble we don't need.

This country already has an illegal immigrant problem that is not likely to be addressed to any satisfaction by the federal government anytime soon. When organizations like Bank of America make it easier to live in the United States illegally by giving these people credit cards, the incentive to naturalize and become a citizen is further neutralized. Just like the incentive to learn English is neutralized by making all our public communications bilingual.

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