Thursday, February 08, 2007

No Free Speech for College Conservatives

Fox & Friends had a college student on this morning who is spearheading the Terrorism Awareness Project, which aims to educate college students about the threat of terrorism because he feels that many college students underestimate the threat, as is evidenced by their frequent protesting of anything the US does to combat terrorism.

They are placing ads in college newspapers across the country and five colleges have refused to run the ads. Not surprisingly, my alma mater, UC Berkeley, was among the five (though, oddly enough, I watched a report on Fox News last night about students protesting military recruiters at job fairs and Berkeley is one of the few ‘activist’ schools where this did not happen – I suppose they were busy with an affirmative action protest).

The current editorial staff at the school’s paper, The Daily Cal, wasn’t around six or seven years ago when the paper ran an ad by David Horowitz listing reasons we should not award reparations for slavery. The editor got cold feet and had the paper pulled off campus shortly after it was distributed sparking cries of censorship nationwide – even The New York Times suggested that the editor go back to Journalism 101.

We shouldn't be surprised by this anymore, this is standard operation for liberals – broad interpretation of free speech as long as those who are doing the speaking (or flag burning) espouse liberal views.

Just after posting this, I read this column about a situation at San Francisco State University where the College Republicans are being disciplined for stomping on Hamas and Hezbollah flags during an anti-terrorism rally. Something tells me that anti-war protesters who stomped on the American flag would not be going before the disciplinary committee…

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