Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Take down that flag!

Just a sad tidbit about the state of patriotism in New York City. Its July 4th week and I hung in my office window a big American flag yesterday. I got an email this afternoon from the Office Manager saying I need to take it down because the building doesn't allow window hangings. I checked up with the building manager and its true. They said 'we are very patriotic, but if we allow you then we'd have to allow everybody, so we just don't allow it.'

A friend then told me about a guy he knew who had to do the same, take down an Obama poster. Its amazing how almost 7 years after 9/11 in liberal New York City displaying Old Glory has become a faux pas, a political expression warranting limitation instead of an expression of one's love of country.

Makes you lament, despite how much we have come as a nation, we have definitely left behind a lot of the good things about this country.


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