Monday, December 08, 2008

Auto Bailout Questions

A few questions for the coconuts who gave our money to car companies:

1) Why are we using our tax dollars to produce cars that nobody buys? (Or is it that they're not sold at a profit? yeah right...)

2) Why are the car companies not producing cars people are buying? Do they want to go out of business? Do they want to be forced to accept subsidies? Or is it the regulations from government?

3) If it is the regulations, why don't we get rid of them? If not the regulations, we must accept that they are unable to produce a commerically viable product .

4) With the terms Congress is stipulating, will the "Big 3" then make cars people will buy? Does this imply Congress knows more than the auto industry about manufacturing automobiles? If so, why don't these brilliant senators go into the industry themselves and make money rather than immorally spend our tax dollars? This is how capitalism works afterall.

5) If the companies need money to pay their workers because their union wages and benefits are too expensive and economically untenable, why should I, as a taxpayer, be forced to subsidize the production of cars that nobody buys? If the wages and benefits could be renegotiated, why does Congress seemingly always stand with the labor unions? It seems they would rather take other taxpayers' money and give it to auto workers than allow a free market economic calculation of the value of the workers' labor.

6) Is the answer to these questions that Congress feels it would be more expensive to pay for these workers compensation if they were unemployed? If so, when does this logically stop? Is it when there are no unions in said industry to swap votes for tax dollars?

7) OR, are these bastions of manufacturing necessary to produce machines of war and in that regard too important to fail? If so, couldn't we find a cheaper way of preserving the ability to defend ourselves?

Answers, anybody?

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