Sunday, February 01, 2009

NYYRC President's Statement Congratulating New RNC Chairman

Dear Members & Friends,
The Republican National Committee has elected Michael Steele as its new Chairman!

I congratulate Chairman Steele and wish him the best of luck in this new position. In a time when all facets of our government are run by Democrats, Chairman Steele's leadership will be vital to rebuilding our Grand Old Party.

We look to our new Chairman to guide us into the future, with remembrance of our past victories and losses, with experiences learned every step of the journey. We ask the Chairman and the RNC as a whole to help the Young Republicans in re-branding the Party and reinforcing the important ideals of the GOP's foundation.

As Young Republicans, we will continue to do our part, growing a base, building our coffers, and promoting our Party. I look forward to the future of the GOP with Chairman Steele at the helm.

All the Best,
Lynn Krogh
NYYRC, Inc. President

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