Monday, March 02, 2009

New York City Tea Party: GREAT SUCCESS!!!

The New York City Tea Party held on Saturday was major success as 300 to 400 people came out to protest President Obama's $787 billion stimulus package. Tea parties have been organized around the country in support of Rick Santelli's rant on CNBC a few weeks ago. The event featured a multitude of speakers who expressed their anger over the ridiculous spending being passed by this administration and the return of a big government and nanny state policies to Washington D.C .

From being at the event, I have to say that it was an proud day for Americans who cherish freedom and liberty. For sure, a basis of dissent has been established in New York City against policies that destroy entrepreneurship and the free market in the United States. This event also made me realize just how powerful Facebook is as an organizing tool. The New York City Tea Party was established on Facebook just a few days before the event was held and the turnout was stil huge. Republicans are finally learning how to use the web to organize and get their message across and that is so awesome. Below is a collection of links about the event from around the web.

New York Post - NY Anger on Taxing Turmoil

New York Daily News - Stimulus Critics Stage Tea Party

Instapundit (An first-hand account from Fred Siesel who was present at the event)

Free Republic (Commenters are on the message board are so pumped that the movement was a great success in New York City. They feel now that if the movement can be successful in such a liberal area, then it really is powerful)

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