Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pirates of Somalia - What's Next?

Now that America has become intimately involved with the rampant piracy that has been going on off the coast of Somalia for ages, the debate is what do we do now?

Defense Secretary Robert Gates is downplaying any major military buildup. This statement comes as Somali pirates seized four more ships, and Rep. Donald M. Payne's (D-N.J.) plane was fired upon as he was leaving Mogadishu.

Any strategy that calls for less than dealing with this threat head-on is no strategy at all.

Maersk Alabama First Mate Shane Murphy said it best:

"We would like to implore President Obama to use all his resources and increase his commitment to end this Somali pirate scourge. Right now there are still ships being taken, right now as we are standing here. America has got to be at the forefront of this. It's time for us to step up and put an end to this crisis. It is a crisis. Wake up! This crew was lucky to be out of this with every one of us alive. We won't be that lucky again."

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