Sunday, April 12, 2009

Vouchers Work But That Doesn't Seem to Matter

A recent study by the Department of Education on the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program (a.k.a. DC school vouchers) found significant improvement of reading scores and parental satisfaction for those who accepted vouchers to attend private schools rather than stay in the public school system.

In all fairness, the study does not indicate that the voucher program is a smashing success, but it definitely proves that there is validity in offering a lifeline to students stuck in failing public schools.

Despite the report's findings, Education Secretary Arne Duncan echoed the Obama administration's sentiments that the program should not be allowed to continue. They argue that instead of diverting resources away from the failing schools, we should continue to dump taxpayer money into the beleaguered public school system. The liberal wisdom, which is guided by national and state teacher unions, appears to be that we will someday reach a magic budget number at which suddenly public schools will turn around and deliver the education that our children deserve.

For all the talk about challenging the status quo, Obama and Duncan have indicated they have no intention of making any real changes to our education system. Surprised? I wasn't either.

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