Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A lesson in accountability

I wanted to write a short piece about the public school fiasco that is unfolding downtown between the (Mayor's) office and several prominent power brokers here in the city. In what is again turning into an absolute embarrassment of comical proportions, the teachers union and a few other notable members of our elected officials want to strip Mayor Bloomberg's control over the board of education in New York City.
They all claim the Mayor has too much power and influence over our children's education, their teachers, and the school's administrators. Nevermind that overall school performance during Bloomberg's tenure has been revolutionized and dramatically outperformed previous administrations/policies.
Lastly, and probably most laughable of all, is the opposition's desire to strip the Mayor of his ability to appoint board members while still making him accountable for their performance.
Mayor Bloomberg is an individual who understands the value of actionable data (the man built a behemoth by monetizing the value of data, at Bloomberg LP.) Most of the statistics pouring out of our schools encourage our continued support of Mayor Bloombergs control of the school system.
Let it be so, and allow the man to focus his attention back on other departments that need dramatic improvement in the bureaucracy that is New York City.

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