Sunday, May 24, 2009

California Voters Tell Arnold to Go Pound Sand


Hooray for the voters of California. They voted down the tax-hike referendums that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed so that the tax-and-spend government in Sacramento could continue pillaging the state's economy.

Liberals said that turnout was dismal, therefore the outcome didn't mean anything. That's a pretty poor attempt to explain away the results. In politics and voting, an outcome is an outcome whether it is a landslide or 50 percent plus one. So take your sour grapes someplace else, kids.

Schwarzenegger hasn't quite learned his lesson, though. Now he wants to borrow from the municipal governments to keep the state running. Needless to say, the cities aren't happy with this idea.

What we have here is the result of liberal governing ideals that have run a state into the ground. Now, the proponents of that same failed ideology want to extend more of the burden they created onto the taxpayers. And the taxpayers said no. Let this be a lesson to citizens across America. It's time we put a stop to a way of governing that simply does not work.

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