Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Right Leader

Republicans are in need of a political leader. Informative and entertaining as many Republicans find Rush Limbaugh, he will not suffice as a political leader for the simple reason that he is not a politician.

Lately the debate has centered around whether to bring the party back to its roots, conservatism, or create a so-called “bigger tent” and “moderate” on a number of issues. I write the rest of this from the perspective of a conservative. Conservatives disagree among themselves, though I believe I am representing the “conservative” explanation on a number of big issues that we’re being asked to jettison from a two minority groups within the party.

To Libertarians, while socialism is conducive to war making, we are not engaged in wars of empire. The two wars being waged represent a direct response to the growing threat of Islamic terrorism. Their ideology is extremely dangerous, suicidal, and supported by a number of regimes with connections to Russia and North Korea. We cannot ignore these threats and hope not to be assaulted with powerful, modern weapons in our own cities. Economics is important to consider, but it cannot explain, much less stop, religious extremism. Instead of focusing on criticizing Republican foreign policy, why not focus on limited government and monetary reform?«Read More»

To “social issue” moderates, let’s be frank, the only two issues on the table here are gay marriage and abortion. Starting with abortion, the party is fractured along a pro-choice, speak life attitude of Rudy Giuliani and those who are against abortion in nearly all cases. Few Republicans are actually advocates of abortion like Democrats. We can both rally along overturning Roe vs. Wade, which would turn the issue back to the states. It would be legal in some states and illegal in others. This is a good compromise based on Federalism. Gay marriage can be compromised similarly. If either of these are turned into civil rights issues by Republicans, there will almost surely be a fracture in the party.

To the global warming Republicans, no compromise. Your position is suicidal to our economy and based on garbage science.

To illegal immigrant Republicans, more years of unrestrained immigration over the southern border will destroy our party by overwhelming the country with new Democrats. Because there are so many at once, it will rip at our culture. Also, last time I checked I was willing to pay more for lettuce and to get my lawn cut if it meant ending the migration of dangerous drug cartels into our country. We need border security and controlled immigration, period.

Let us find a leader who takes these things into consideration, creates consensus, and moves us forward. This is truly a big tent.

P.S. To Arlen Specter, hey, this is really quite a loss. I’m sorry we no longer have you, a back stabbing opportunist, in our party. Now go screw over some Democrats on your way to losing to Pat Toomey.

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