Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Scary Thoughts From High School Students


In an article entitled "Students Confusion About Capitalism" on the American Spectator website where Ralph R. Reiland asked 50 high school students to "Define capitalism in 10-20 words?" These answers sound a lot like "socialism" to me. I've included some of the most outrageous responses below:

"Capitalism is making the most money for the government and having the government control the people."

"Capitalism is the money that is in the government. It is when the government controls all the money."

"Capitalism is when an economy is based on the needs of the people."

"Capitalism is when the government takes a bigger role in the economy and controls more things."

"Capitalism is when the government is the only one deciding laws and regulations."

"Capitalism is when the government has complete control over the decisions that the country makes."

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