Thursday, June 04, 2009

Gates Considers More Spending for Missile Defense

Nice to see that Defense Secretary Robert Gates is mulling over an increase in spending for missile defense after North Korea's continuous missile tests in the east and Iran's continued nuclear development in the Middle East.

What is difficult to understand is the fact that our government, currently run by liberals who have little concern for national security, is willing to cut spending on research for missile defense. Their continuous refrain since Ronald Reagan first introduced the idea of a missile shield has been that it could never work. The only way they have ever been able to prove that it could never work is by denying research and development funding for the project.

Now Iran and North Korea are in the latter stages of developing offensive nuclear capabilities. And now Secretary Gates is thinking that "if" they develop missiles that could threaten us and our allies, then we "may" need to increase funding for missile defense.

We are not in the age of "if." We are in the age of "when." Let's get back to work on this now.

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