Friday, October 28, 2005

Time to Reflect

Even though I’m a Republican and believe in the ability of this administration to run the country, I have to admit I’m disappointed at the result of Fitzgerald’s investigation and though I didn’t want to believe what was probably the obvious for some time, now all Republicans and I are forced to.

I’m left wondering why did certain people feel the need to even go down this path to begin with. Was Joe Wilson’s own vendetta against the President that damaging to a war that in my view was and still is justifiable for a number of reasons? It’s disappointing that smart men would allow their arrogance to takeover while running the greatest country in the world just to get back at someone who said something mean in a Time article.

Hopefully the rest of the world will take this as a lesson as to why America is so great and a model for the free world where those in leadership positions are not immune from the same laws that govern everyone else in the country.

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