Thursday, November 10, 2005

Barbra Streisand is wrong

I am a firm believer in free speech, but I can't help but wish that some people would self censor and be quiet. For instance, Barbra Streisand. Here she goes again calling for the President to be impeached. She claims that this administration will go down as the worst in history and that they ignored the threats before 9/11. I beg to differ. Wasn't it her beloved Clinton administration that allowed Bin Laden to become so powerful? The 9/11 attacks were planned during his presidency. I think that this current administration may just be judged one of the best in history. We are at a turning point in this nation and in the world now. As we embark on the difficult battle against terrorism and radical islam, we need leaders that will stand up for democracy and freedom and not only defend it but prevent those that threaten it from ever mustering enough strength to challenge it. I think those, like Ms. Streisand, who would prefer to appease terrorists and only react to their attacks are naive. Did we learn nothing from European appeasement of Hitler? Are those that think democracy can never be a reality in the Middle East not patronising its people and underestimating them? I believe that all people when faced with a real option want to be free and self-govern. Is it not our duty as those who are free to lend a helping hand?

For those who want to read Barbra Streisand's latest misinformed rant:

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