Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I am shocked

I really thought Pat Russo, Pat Murphy and Joel Zinberg had a really good chance yesterday. I was out all day for Pat Russo and Mayor Bloomberg in Bay Ridge (6:30 am - 9:30 pm) and, by a margin of 2-1, everyone I talked to was voting for Pat. I really wish I could explain the results.
My gues is that it was a Bloomberg rout drag -- that his then-likley and eventual trouncing of Fereer depressed turnout from Republicans and hurt us on our down the line races. It really appears to have been a curse that Bloomberg was anticipated to win by so large a margin, becuase our voters thus stayed home and weren't there for the down the ticket races. Had it been close, our folks would have come for Bloomberg and stayed for the rest of the ticket.
Even still, I am shocked. The reactions I got while out for Pat and Pat (I made calls for Joel but didn't get out in the field) were pretty positive.
It's been tough, because I am so happy Mayor Bloomberg won, but I really wanted a city council seat or two extra to help the Mayor's agenda get through.

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