Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Since lastnight, I've been interested in hearing your thoughts...

Now I say all this being a relative novice compared to you all in NYC politics...

The one thing the Russo, Zinberg, and Murphy campaigns all said was that they didn't have enough money to afford polling. Now with everyone of us seeming to think those races would be decided by a few points, they ended up losing 10 pts, 30pts, and 30pts respectively, do you think more emphasis and a real effort should have been made on polling?

I'm also saying this with no idea on how much it would actually cost. What I'm getting at is maybe sometime in August/September if they could have done just a basic poll to get a feel for how deep the water actually was than they would have been much more prepared for the home stretch. Intstead of spending money on all this extra campaign literature that most people throw in the garbage, maybe they could have gotten a clue where it would be more effective to hand out the already printed literature?? What does everyone think here??????

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