Wednesday, November 09, 2005

First off, congrats to our candidates

Today is an important day for our party. We have achieved an historic victory for Mayor Mike Bloomberg, one that is as much a vindication of the last four years as it is for the Republican values that have been so key to our Mayor's success: emphasis on personal responsibility, economic development, lowering crime and reforming our broken school system to better educate the future of the City. We should be proud of what we've accomplished and look forward to the hard work of governing this great City for the next four years -- four years in what will be, at least, a 16-year reign for our great party.

We should also be proud of our re-elected Republican City Councilman, James Oddo, Andrew Lanza, and my Councilman, Dennis Gallagher. Together they stand as a bulwark to liberalism and the impulses to fiscal recklessness. Staten Island's great Borough President Jim Molinaro also won an impressive victory, on the basis of his impressive record of accomplishment in the borough.

Lastly, we should hold our heads high in light of the City Council returns. While they may not have been everything we hoped for, our men and women fought the good fight and stood up for Republican values. I know that in this time of Thanksgiving, everyone joins me in thanking them for their service.

"And the dream lives on." These words, my friends, first said by Ronald Reagan on his first and only electoral loss, were echoed yesterday by Pat Russo, the Republican candidate for City Council in the 43rd District. While we fought the good fight yesterday, winning an historic victory for our Mayor, and made a lot of noise in the City Council races, we have work. Our Republican vision for this City is as important today as yesterday, and we must fight to make it a reality. Our hope for better schools, fiscally-sound and responsible government and a City Council that focuses on the economic development and growth did not die last night. We will build on what happened last night in the years to come, winning our fair share of seats on the Council and making Democratic Party victories all that more difficult in the process.

At the risk of excluding people, I wish to list the Candidates to which the club most associated, whether because they are from Manhattan, or because they reached out to us for the outer-boroughs and saw us as a vehicle to drive the Republican message of hope and prosperity home. If you see them on the street, thank them. They have fought the good fight, should stand proud no matter the ultimate outcome, and our party is better off for claiming them as members.
Dennis Cariello

Michael R. Bloomberg for Mayor
Barry Popik for Manhattan Borough President
Phil Sica for Queens Borough President
John Carlino for New York City Council-2nd District, Manhattan
Patrick Murphy for New York City Council-4th District, Manhattan
Dr. Joel Zinberg for New York City Council-5th District, Manhattan
Josh Yablon for New York City Council-6th District, Manhattan
Michael Petelka for New York City Council-7th District, Manhattan
Will Brown for New York City Council-9th District, Manhattan
Raquel Lacomba Walker for New York City Council-20th District, Queens

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