Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Diddy Don't Do Campaign Finance Laws

Our friend Diddy (aka P. Diddy, aka Puff Daddy, aka Puffy akak Sean Combs) is in trouble with the Federal Elections Commission. (,1,17781,00.html?fdnews) The National Legal and Policy Center filed a complaint ove Diddy's Vote or Die/Citizen Change campaign during the 2004 presidential elections.
The Nov. 3rd complaint to the FEC, states, "Citizen Change purports to have conducted voter mobilization on a 'nonpartisan basis'." But, the complaint further states, Diddy and his group engaged in electioneering--alleging Citizen Change was determined to "get Bush's ass out of office" and vote in John Kerry.

The FEC has decided to review the accusations, althogh an FEC spokesman would not comment until an investigation is conducted and a decision had been reached.
The complaint also cites a Rolling Stone report on Diddy's appearance at the Rock the Vote Awards ceremony in February 2004, where he said, "We're going to get Bush's ass out of that office." It also quotes numerous reports on rallies, during which speakers allegedly "called for the election of Kerry and the defeat of Bush."
Now, I'm no Diddy fan, but this is one more stupid result of campaign finance. Let people spend their money to advocate what they want instead of being "non-partisan" so as to avoid doing the filings.

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