Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Bloomberg's campaign bill

The tab has now become public.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg officially spent $77,894,878 on his reelection campaign. That averages out to $103 per voter according to folks who have a lot more patience to do the math than I do.

Bloomberg's hapless opponent Freddy Ferrer spent $9 million and got trounced by 20 points.

Did Bloomberg need to spend that much money to beat a thoroughly flummoxed candidate who probably needed a crib sheet to find his way out of the voting booth? Probably not.

Did money alone decide this race? Heck no. Refer to my descriptions of Ferrer above. These are widely held sentiments.

Why did Bloomberg spend so much money on his campaign? Because he earned it with his talent. He can do with his cash as he likes.

Is there too much money in politics? There's been too much money in politics since the ancient Greeks were haggling over figs.

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