Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I'm With the Press. Can You Tie My Shoe For Me?

The heads of all the local unions, teachers, fire department, construction, shoe and candlestick makers, held a press conference to try and turn the momentum back in the favor of the MTU, by attacking the Taylor Law.

What kills me is the media reporting this press conference is the most incompetent group of individuals I have ever seen.


Somebody, anybody who works for the media that might be reading this, please answer me. Is there a secret rule that you can’t challenge these fools? GOD, I want to rip my TV out of the wall! What gets me even more is that the heads of these unions give the press so many openings to challenge them on the nonsense they spew to the public, yet the questions they ask are sheepish or worse softballs giving them more opportunities to vomit that mess that comes out of their mouth.

To any reporter reading this, I would like to say you are all an embarrassment!!!!!

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