Tuesday, January 17, 2006

That's What I'm Talking About

"The question is whether you trivialize the suffering that people experienced on plantations by applying that word to a different setting," [Dartmouth College Professor Linda Fowler] said. "It's just really a question of appropriateness - making a connection between the badly treated Democrats in the House of Representatives and people who are enslaved against their will. It just seems like a stretch."
I'll say.
Actually, thanks Hil. A full-court press of several months by your media allies intended to convince America of your centrism, your moderation, your ability to play well with others hits the can after 30 seconds of you opening your friggin mouth and vibrating those lovely vocal chords of yours. I know it doesn't matter much to your supporters, they agree; or to the press, as accurately reporting on your alternatively shrill and soulless comments would require actually listening to you and doesn't fit the template of Bold Spirited Run for '08 by Smartest Woman in America; but to us, your sensible opposition, our resolve stiffens even as the rest of us within earshot cringes.

Unlike the Sharpton-Baron ugliness, I was fortunate enough to attend the CORE King Holiday "Living the Dream" Celebration where citizens gathered to recognise honest progress with an optimistic determination to face existing problems and better our country; booed Belafonte's most recent loathsome comments ; and honored, among others, Ambassador Bolton, Governor Barbour and the citizens of Mississippi (BTW, the Guv currently owns Most Unabashed Accent: I love how he can get "Mississippi" done in two syllables while "flood" requires four!), and Usher (! huge with the Kids I'm told, and looks about 12 himself).

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