Thursday, March 16, 2006

Hey Lieberman, our door is open.

Despite being a democrat, most Republicans have nothing but respect for Senator Lieberman. Al Gore's decision to make him his running mate in 2000 was purely to try and steal the moderate vote considering Gore's hard left stance. It seems though that Democrats no longer feel the need for moderates in their party and are looking to take down the longtime senator from Connecticut.

On Monday Ned Lamont a cable TV entrepreneur announced his decision to run against Lieberman in a primary for the Democrat nomination. Whether successful or not, the fact that someone in the party would even consider it, is nothing short of insubordination and an insult to the Senator.

I say if Democrats no longer want Lieberman, the Republican Party should let him know he can come over to the side of reason. Hell most of the time he votes like a Republican so it would make sense he makes it official.

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