Thursday, April 13, 2006

Disgracing Nixzmary:

Its been several months since little Nixzmary was brutally killed by a monster who doesn’t deserve to have one penny of taxpayer dollars funding his life. Many in New York have already forgotten but some people haven’t like Nixzmary’s family.

When tragedies like this happen you can choose to approach the situation in a number of ways. The most obvious and just is to make sure the city organization meant to oversee children at risk like the Administration of Children’s Services, is fixed and better controls are put in place. You can also take another route, which is the one many families do and decide to sue the pants off the city at a huge cost to taxpayers. Unfortunately this is the route some in Nixmary’s family are taking. Her grandmother has just decided to slap the city with a $150 million suit for failing to protect her. This is the third suit by a family member as her real father and father of one of her siblings has already filed one against the city as well.

Now I’m not saying that the family and its members shouldn’t have the opportunity to sue but suits in the amount of $150 million reeks of an agenda that says I’m using this little girls death to get paid in the shade. Does her grandmother really need $150 million? When you see that kind of number you have to say to yourself, tragedy or not, this woman is looking to exploit us the taxpayer.

If her motives really are to make sure something like this never happens again, which is what it should be, her family should try to make sure more money stay’s in the system not out of it. If they really feel winning such money from the city is just and will heal their pain, they should then channel that money to a productive outlet, like starting a foundation for abused children. Something tells me though, grandma will be to busy taking cruises.

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