Friday, May 19, 2006

You would never know living in New York or New Jersey.

It figures that when it comes to Democrats and scandals it would take a European newspaper to inform Americans. Today the Financial Times is reporting that ex New Jersey senator, Robert Torricelli, is facing allegations that he met with Iraqi officials during the late 1990’s to urge them to give an oil contract to a U.S. company.

If you recall Torricelli was forced to drop out of his reelection bid in 2002 after it was discovered he received gifts form a Korean-American businessman who was found guilty for violating federal campaign laws. It’s now four years later but the FT is now reporting that recovered documents and cables in Iraq have implicated Torricelli further. The FT says Torricelli urged Baghdad to give a company by the name Bright and Bright contracts and in return they would help lift sanctions.

The story is very interesting and is worth reading. It will be more interesting to see how long, if ever, it will take the liberal media in the North East to report the story.

As I’ve said in the past if your not reading the FT you might as well not read anything. The FT reported the Dubai port deal a week before the U.S. media picked up on it. Let’s see if they pick up on this one at all.

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